Composite Doors by Endurance

Searching for the composite front door for your Edinburgh home? Look no further

Composite doors are made of a selection of materials including a solid timber core, glass-reinforced plastic and uPVC to name a few. Each material is chosen for its specific properties, fused together to result in one of the strongest door materials currently on the market. Unlike uPVC doors which are made of just plastic, our composite doors are made from a number of materials that are pressed and glued together under high pressure conditions. You will see exactly what our composite doors are made of.

The idea for composite doors came about to find a solution to problems often found in single-material doors, by selecting specific materials with certain properties to counteract them. The expert composite door construction process means you’re investing in a sturdy door frame made from tough and robust materials for your home.

This promises to add extra security, enhanced weatherproofing and provides you with complete peace of mind about the safety and protection of your family and home. The advantages of a composite door include the extensive choice you get when it comes to tailoring them to your personal taste and requirements. With an array of colours to choose from, as well as woodgrain effects, textures and finishes, you can receive a unique composite door construction that is bespoke to your home.

Our doors are a low maintenance and durable solution for your property. The colour and aesthetic will last due to the state of the art manufacturing techniques that ensure your composite door is resistant to weathering. You won’t have to worry about spending time or money on the upkeep of your new door even after heavy or frequent use.

How Secure are Composite Doors?

Our doors are renowned for their solidity and security. With a timber core, they should be your first choice when it comes to securing your home and keeping you safe and protected. Our 48mm thick solid timber door slab has proven to be sledgehammer proof, which gives you an idea about the level of security they provide.

Each of our doors has undergone controlled security tests to replicate common forms of attempted burglary or break-ins, to make sure that the inner core can withstand an attack and maintain its integrity. Enjoy complete peace of mind by choosing Endurance Composite Doors.

You can upgrade your Endurance composite door to include the highest-rated security cylinder, developed to counteract lock snapping in order to gain entry. The ATK is a euro cylinder with the Master Locksmith Associations highest rating as well as achieving the British Kitemark and Secured by Design accreditations.

Are Composite Doors Good at Insulating the home?

All of our composite doors are made up of 17 engineered timber laminates. With an exceptional GRP skin on top of this, our doors offer increased thermal efficiency to any property they are installed into. Offering the best heat retention and achieving impressive energy ratings, our doors are able to assist in lowering energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

The main aim when it comes to increased insulation is to retain heat to keep your home warmer for longer. This makes your home a more comfortable and inviting place to spend time for all of the family. Our composite door construction process will provide a watertight solution so that your home will stay dry and moisture free, no matter the weather.




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