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Shine a light on your living space with timber top swing windows at EKCO Scotland

Light can make a huge difference to your home. When sunlight streams into a room, that room immediately looks bigger, brighter and more inviting. So it’s no surprise that we all want to make the most of the light coming into our home, and in order to do this you need to choose the very best windows.

Quality windows will brighten, freshen and transform your home for the better, so you need to choose carefully. Timber top swing windows from Norwood offer the perfect combination of elegant design and maximum security, offering total control of your living space.

Norwood timber top swing windows are available right here in the EKCO collection. So if you’re looking for this look and feel in your home, explore our range today or get in touch. Call us in Edinburgh on 0131 343 6007 or in West Lothian on 01506 857 007.

Timber top swing windows Scotland: open up a world of possibilities

Timber top swing windows from Norwood are manufactured to the highest possible standard to allow for the optimum experience. This includes using only the finest materials in this manufacturing process, like engineered FSC certified softwood timber. This timber is laminated and finger jointed, providing a consistently high level of quality, security and stability in every finished frame.

However, there is also a non-finger jointed option available if that is required, and frames can also be produced in Accoya and Oak, too. Hardwood and softwood combinations can also be ordered. This means that, no matter what your requirements are, timber top swing windows can be tailored to suit your needs and transform your home.

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Enjoy timeless style with timber top swing windows, Glasgow and Edinburgh

Top swing windows from Norwood feature a similar design to that of classic UK top hung casement windows. But there are several key additions and modern alterations to be aware of. For one, these windows are completely reversible, allowing for easy cleaning on both sides of the window from inside the building.

Two ultra-maintenance hinge options allow these windows to open to the outside and fully reverse within its own axis without encroaching into the building. All sashes are also fitted with built-in restrictors to limit the initial opening to 80 mm. Additional restrictors also allow for greater air flow.

Luxury and efficiency: timber top swing windows Edinburgh

A range of glazing options mean that these windows are among the most thermally efficient on the market. Glazing possibilities range from 24 mm double glazing to 48 mm triple glazing. The frames are also treated with Teknos timber preservative which protects against deterioration and discolouration down the line. Even better, Teknos water-based coating systems allow these top swing windows to be supplied in any colour, including dual colour. You can choose from the full range of RAL and NCS shades.

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If you’re looking for the perfect windows for your home, you’re in the right place. Discover timber top swing windows from EKCO today by exploring our collection, or get in touch. You can find us in both Edinburgh and West Lothian.

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