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Stormer Kitchens

EKCO living solutions are proud providers of kitchen products, design and installation across Scotland and the UK. We aim to transform dream kitchens into a reality using the very best techniques, materials and expertise, ensuring that no two kitchens are the same. Our kitchen designs are made to stand the test of time and look great while doing it, making the kitchen really feel like the heart of your home. So if you are looking for a high quality, durable new kitchen design, you don’t need to look any further than EKCO living solutions.

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Thinking about a Stormer German kitchen?

Stormer kitchens are a popular choice for many people seeking out the highest quality German kitchen designs. Stormer create high quality fitted kitchens using the latest production technologies and experienced architects. By using innovative techniques, Stormer help to create a wide variety of individual kitchens for every household and requirement, from elegant to timeless to modern.

However, Stormer kitchens are also difficult to find at a cost effective price point. Unless you are willing to pay the absolute maximum for your stunning German kitchen, it is worth exploring other options. Read on to see how Stormer kitchens and EKCO Pronorm kitchens compare in terms of quality and price, so you can make the best decision regarding your home’s new kitchen design.

German quality kitchens UK

For sixty years, Stormer have been renowned for making high quality German kitchens using the best methods and the latest technologies. Stormer work with several high profile trading partners and interact with them closely during their development work. Using this partnership allows Stormer to create new ideas and designs for every kitchen they work on. Their work and process are split into three sections on their design ‘grid’: Space, which is for design, partnership and individuality; Raster, which works as a basis for individual kitchens; and Relation, which beings together demand and solution, experience and innovation.

Stormer is an owner-managed company providing the very best in German kitchen design. They have been following the tradition of quality kitchen building since 1958, and boast modern production in two works. Flexibility is key to what Stoermer and other German kitchen manufacturers do, taking the tastes and expectations of clients on board every step of the way.

Stormer are a respected partner of the qualified kitchen trade, offering 300 front panels in 5 product lines. Their ranges include ST130, which is their standard programmed in 130mm height grids; Linea Orrizontale, which is their design-orientated Italian handleless range; the visually charming Floating Kitchen range; and Terra Cucina, which is their latest range made from different materials.

Stormer kitchens are elegant, modern and inspiring – a prime example of German quality kitchens, which are among the best in the world. German kitchens celebrate customization and quality through a strong set of core values which put the customer first. This is the same strong set of values you find with EKCO’s own German kitchen designs.

Yet although Stormer kitchens are a high quality option for kitchen design, they are also expensive. This challenge can lead people to look for options that provide the same commitment to quality and excellence but are not as unattainable. At EKCO we believe that the solution to this lies in the Pronorm German kitchen range.

Stormer Kitchens versus Pronorm Kitchens

All of these incredible features make it obvious that Stoermer kitchens would look stylish and appealing in any household across Scotland. However, when it comes to top brands like Stormer it’s all too easy to go over-budget. If you’re looking for a way to bring the same German quality into your kitchen without having to overspend, the Pronorm ranges of kitchens from EKCO are the perfect alternative.

Like Stormer, our Pronorm kitchens are among the very best when it comes to design, materials, installation and service. Pronorm Handleless Y-Line from EKCO is a sleek and elegant option for any home, as well as being a great alternative to Stormer’s pricier Linea Orrizontale and Terra Cucina ranges.

The Pronorm ranges are the ultimate choice when it comes to kitchen design. Both form and function work in perfect harmony to create smooth, linear designs which are both stylish and durable. The Y-line allows you to shape your surroundings, creating a truly unique living space with German-built precision. Not only are the Pronorm ranges timeless in design, they are also timeless in terms of durability as our kitchens are built to last.

The Pronorm ranges are the perfect option for the modern household. If you’re looking for a beautiful kitchen which is also value for money, consider EKCO.

High Quality Kitchen Design UK

Due to our expertise, flexibility and experience, EKCO can help you find the perfect living solution for your home, including introducing stunning high quality kitchen designs. We always strive to put the customer first, so no matter what your expectations, tastes or budget might be, we can help make your dream kitchen a reality. We have almost twenty years of experience in kitchen design, offering a range of solutions to a variety of homes and clients, fitting designs which stand the test of time. So you know that you are in safe hands with EKCO.

The Pronorm range of kitchens from EKCO is the perfect alternative to paying top of the line prices for options like Stormer kitchens. There is no doubt that Stoermer kitchens are beautifully designed and expertly manufactured, but Pronorm kitchens can match them on every level from design and materials to installation and service. If you are looking for German design for your kitchen, there is no reason not to choose Pronorm.

Our friendly and expert team are happy to help you get the very best kitchen for within you budget. We want to give you peace of mind that you are only getting the very best.

So what are waiting for? Take the time to explore our site today and get inspired by our range of stunning high quality kitchen designs.

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