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Scotland based home extension builders such as Ekco are become more and more in demand as property owners north of the border are finding out about the benefits of adding a conservatory, sunroom, garden room or other form of extension to their homes. They’ve discovered that instead of moving to a bigger property in another location, they can in fact create the much-needed extra space they need whilst saving themselves thousands of pounds in the process. 

Moving home can be an extremely costly business. Firstly there are the increased mortgage payments to think of. A bigger mortgage is one thing; the increase in stamp duty is however, another outlay entirely and it can, quite rightly, put people off re-locating. An extension to give you the kitchen of your dreams, an extra bedroom for growing teenagers or even a home-office for your new business is the ideal solution so what are the alternatives to getting the extra space you need without moving home?

The Best Home Extension to Suit Your Home in Scotland​ 

Which type of extension is best for your home in Scotland? Adding an extra room on the ground floor has traditionally been limited to a conservatory, garden-room or sunroom. The conservatory, although fairly quick to build can be restrictive when looking to adapt it from perhaps a dining room to a bedroom at a later date. A sun-room (or garden-room to give it its other name) is a more solid structure by comparison and can be used for a number of purposes but can take months to complete and may involve a great deal of upheaval in the process.

There is however, an exciting new product development on the market that can give you the additional room you need for a much lower investment than either moving house or building a traditional home extension. Introducing the Ekco spaceKube.

Ekco SpaceKube: The Modern Extension for Your Scottish Home

The Ekco spaceKube is the high-quality, ultra-modern and quick way to add an extension to your Scottish home. Custom-designed to suit your needs our spaceKube can be used for every purpose from an extra bedroom or dining kitchen to a home-office, usually for a lower cost than a traditional extension or re-locating. Here's what you get when you invest in an Ekco spaceKube:

One-Stop Service

Our spaceKube One-Stop Service has been created to make the whole project as easy for you as possible no matter where in Scotland you live. We will design your spaceKube according to its initial purpose and your current needs – however, its versatility means you can easily adapt it for a different use when you need to at a later date

We will liaise on your behalf with architects and planning departments (although not always required with our spaceKube). We will then pre-manufacture your spaceKube offsite in our purpose built workshop, lay the foundations and finally erect your spaceKube which will come complete with the highest quality finishes. The whole project will take around 4-6 weeks from the manufacturing process to completion rather than months and with very little disruption to your daily routine throughout.

Warmer than Brick

A spaceKube has a higher U-Value rating than a brick built extension which means that it will keep you and your family warmer in winter.

Cheaper to Build

When you invest in a spaceKube you get the full One-Stop Service package with no additional costs which means your spaceKube will cost less per square metre than your existing property but by adding an extension your home’s value will increase by up to 11%.

High Quality

An Ekco spaceKube is constructed of the highest quality materials and is designed to look as beautiful in years to come as it does today.

Choice of Exterior Finishes

Your spaceKube can be designed to complement your Scottish property whether you have a modern semi-detached home in the suburbs of Edinburgh or a traditional stone-built dwelling in rural Perthshire. We can even add external finishes which will lend more of a contrast including premium-grade, eco-friendly wood such as cedar or larch cladding. We can also render the external walls or add conventional harling should you prefer it.

Ekco SpaceKube Costs

An Ekco spaceKube is more of an investment than a cost. How much you choose to invest will depend on whether you would like finishes such as a new German-built kitchen, an en-suite bathroom, bifold doors, triple-glazing and so on. However, as a rough guide a standard 6m x 3m spaceKube for an average semi-detached Scottish property using our complete one-stop service will require an investment of around £27,000. An 8m x 4m spaceKube for an average detached home will cost around £45,000 fully completed.

Find Out More About Adding an Ekco SpaceKube to Your Scottish Home

To find out more about adding an Ekco spaceKube to your home no matter where you live in Scotland call Ekco now on 01506 857 007. Or, visit one of our showrooms at Uphall, Livingston or Abbeyhill, Edinburgh.



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