Expand your home’s potential with a stunning Solarlux Wintergarden from EKCO

Solarlux Wintergarden from EKCO

Looking to increase your living space and create something truly unique in your home? A Wintergarden is the perfect solution. Investing in a Wintergarden means introducing a space unlike any other into your home – a sanctuary that provides shelter and comfort yet is filled with natural light for a complete sense of openness.

Wintergardens from Solarlux offer more sunlight, more space and complete luxury, celebrating the joy of living. With many uses and designs to choose from, every home can benefit from the addition of a Wintergarden.

So, if you’re looking for Wintergardens in Scotland, explore the EKCO collection today or get in touch. Call us in Edinburgh on 0131 343 6007 or in West Lothian on 01506 857 007.


Solarlux Glass Extensions in Edinburgh

When it comes to redesigning and redecorating your home, don’t think inside the box. You don’t have to work within the confines of your walls, and a free-standing home extension is the best way to increase your living space while introducing something really special.

Solarlux glass extensions are just as high quality as a traditional extension, but significantly more cost effective in many cases. Maximise space in a new and innovative way, bringing a sense of something fresh and inspiring to your home rather than the traditional bricks and mortar options.

Discover the range today at EKCO.

Comfort All Year Round

Unlike many conservatories and glass home extensions, Solarlux Wintergardens offer incredible thermal insulation, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of your extension all year round. Wintergardens can be built using aluminium frames or a combination of wood and aluminium to suit your design requirements. Importantly, Wintergardens are thermally broken, meaning that they provide superior energy efficiency and can be used all year round – just like any other room in your home.

Whether you’re looking for a cool, bright space to relax during the summer or a cosy, inviting place to snuggle down in the winter, Solarlux Wintergardens from EKCO will make your home a haven that you enjoy returning to, time after time.


Increase your Living Space with Luxury Home Glass Extensions

Here at EKCO we can help to make your home accessory dreams a reality with the perfect Wintergarden. These strong, modern, eye-catching structures provide everything you could ever want from a luxury home glass extension. From elegant design and enhanced natural light to optimal thermal insulation and sun protection, a Wintergarden will help to make your home feel truly one of a kind.

While it may seem that this extension style is only suited to the modern house style, Wintergardens are actually surprisingly compatible from properties from all eras. If you are looking to add a new dining area, living space, home office or health suite a Wintergarden can be the perfect solution at a much more affordable price.


Design Flexibility and Accessories for your Wintergarden

Glass extensions by Solarlux offer a variety of designs to suit your home. Not only are they designed using high quality materials like aluminium for maximum thermal efficiency, but the extension roofs can also be combined with bi-folding glass doors to turn your Wintergarden into a customisable space offering maximum flexibility and quality of life.

Home Extensions Scotland Made Easy with EKCO

For 20 years, EKCO have been providing high quality living solutions to homes across Edinburgh and wider Scotland. From kitchens and bathrooms to entrance doors and Wintergardens, we have earned ourselves a reputation for excellence that we take very seriously.

Discover Wintergardens Edinburgh from EKCO today by exploring our collection, or get in touch. You can find us in both Edinburgh and West Lothian. You can find us in both Edinburgh and West Lothian. Call us today on 0131 343 6007 (Edinburgh) or 01506 857 007 (West Lothian).




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