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If you need an extra room for your Glasgow semi-detached home and using your loft or attic space isn’t ideal there are a couple of options you may want to consider. The most obvious one is moving home. The challenge with this is that property in Scotland’s largest city is becoming highly sought after and in order to get one extra room you may have to sacrifice your prime location. The other major factor to bear in mind are the costs of relocating. An increased mortgage may be a given but then there are lawyers’ fees on top, not to mention stamp duty so you may end up paying a lot more than you bargained for. Another option which more and more homeowners are choosing is to add an extension, or a conservatory, sunroom or garden room to their homes - but which one is the most suitable for your particular needs?

A sunroom extension, also known as a garden room, because of its solid design can be used for a whole range of purposes. The downside however, is that it can take months to complete which means that your home and garden can be a bit of a building site for a lot longer than you would like – especially if you have young children running around. Another option is a conservatory which is a favoured choice amongst many semi-detached homeowners in the West of Scotland. A conservatory can be quite stunning to look at but it has its limitations being mostly used as a garden room in the summer or perhaps a dining room. But what if you want an additional bedroom, or a home office to save you from the daily commute? Introducing the Ekco spaceKube – the perfect solution which can save you both time and money giving you a beautiful and highly practical space and an extra room which is absolutely perfect for your needs.

Introducing Ekco SpaceKube House Extensions in Glasgow

The spaceKube is a completely new innovation created by award-winning home-improvements company Ekco. The spaceKube allows you to have the extra room you need for whatever purpose you need it for and is the perfect extension for your semi-detached home no matter whether you live in Bearsden, Milngavie or in a new home development in one of Glasgow’s growing suburb communities. Custom-designed to meet your exacting standards spaceKube can give you the extra room you need whatever you need it for. This includes an additional bedroom if you have a new addition to your family, a dining kitchen or even a home office if you want to escape the grind of the daily commute. The choice is yours and for a much lower cost than building a traditional extension or relocating. When you invest in a spaceKube you get the following:

  •     One-Stop Service - Ekco’s carefully planned One-Stop Service means that we will take care of your entire project from start to finish to make your life easier and the whole process faster. This includes:
  •     Fast Installation - Around four to six weeks from design to completion including all your chosen internal and external finishes.
  •     Off-Site Construction - SpaceKube is pre-engineered in our dedicated workshop which means no disruption to your daily routine.
  •     Laying Concrete Foundations - Our highly insulated base will make sure your spaceKube stays warm no matter the weather or the temperature outside.
  •     Choice of Exterior Finishes - Your spaceKube can be designed to either complement your Glasgow property or offer a modern contrast to a more traditional home. The exterior finishes include premium-grade, eco-friendly wood such as cedar or larch cladding. We can also render the external walls or add conventional harling should you prefer it.

Choice of Models

SpaceKube is available in a variety of styles and models. This is the starting point from which we design your specific one depending on what you will use it for and of course your personal taste. The models are:

  •     Type 1 Kube - This is the simplest model of spaceKube. A rectangular box shape with a flat roof, ideal for traditional and modern Glasgow semi-detached villas, bungalows and even detached homes. You can choose any size up to the full width of your home and generally without planning consent. Type 1 spaceKube is available with either wall to wall, ceiling to floor glazing on one side or else a fully glazed corner.
  •     Type 2  Pitch - Clean minimal design similar to Type 1 but with a monopitch (sloping) roof. Suitable for both a Glasgow semi-detached and a detached home.
  •     Type 3 Wrap - Manufactured in an L-shape to wrap around the corner of your home giving you an extra room on two walls.  Can be installed on the outside edge of your semi-detached Glasgow home or on either corner of your detached home.  

Bi-fold Doors Glasgow

Why not upgrade to bi-fold doors and enjoy spectacular views across your garden. Bi-fold doors are designed to open fully which allows more light and air into your spaceKube and removes the barrier between your home and your garden. Your bi-fold doors are also designed to keep your home warm and snug in winter through technologically advanced weather seals.   

Sarnafil Roof System

Sarnafil is the preferred roofing choice of commercial and domestic builders across the globe. A unique developed product Sarnafil will make sure your spaceKube remains energy efficient and completely watertight for years to come.

Underfloor Heating Glasgow

Your spaceKube can be fitted with Ekco’s highly advanced underfloor heating system to add a touch of luxury during the colder months.

Exterior Finishes

When it comes to exterior finishes spaceKube comes with several choices including:

  •     Timber Cladding – High grade weather resistant cedar or larch giving your spaceKube a more contemporary eco-friendly design.
  •     Trespa® Panels – Trespa® is a highly compressed laminate is used to clad commercial and domestic properties around the world. The range of colours can offer almost limitless design choices for your spaceKube.    
  •     Render – Smooth finish available in a range of colours to match the exterior of your existing home.


Your flooring will consist of a high quality laminate resistant to wear and tear.


Your new extension will come complete with ceiling downlights giving a modern edge to your spaceKube.

Upgrade Options

We also offer some upgrade options for your spaceKube:

  •     Additional Glazing – Available in either double or triple glazing.
  •     Rooflight – Flood your spaceKube with natural light.
  •     German Built-Kitchen – Ekco can equip your spaceKube with a contemporary Pronorm German-built kitchen and high quality appliances by top quality manufacturers such as Siemens and Neff.
  •     Ensuite Shower or Bathroom – If you plan to use your spaceKube as an additional bedroom we can design and fit out a complete bathroom with fittings by top manufacturers such as Grohe, Laufen and Dornbracht.     

Limitless Possibilities

From a bedroom to a home office or even a home gym, your spaceKube has limitless possibilities. Why not visit your nearest Ekco showroom and allow our designers to inspire you?

How Much Will An Ekco SpaceKube Cost?

A spaceKube should be regarded as an investment rather than a cost as an extension. According to TV property presenter Phil Spencer a good extension can add up to 11% on the value of your home. Your investment will depend on the type of finishes or upgrades you would like such as bi-fold doors, triple-glazing, a German-built kitchen and so on. However, as a standard guide a 6m x 3m spaceKube for an average semi-detached Glasgow property will require an investment of around £27,000 which includes our complete One Stop Service. An 8m x 4m spaceKube for an average detached home will cost around £45,000 fully completed.

Find Out More About Adding an Ekco SpaceKube to Your Glasgow Home

To find out more about adding an Ekco spaceKube to your Glasgow home call Ekco now on 01506 857 007. Or, visit your nearest showroom at Uphall, Livingston.




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