Why do we use Pronom over RWK?


Pronorm stands for reliability in quality and service, as well as for innovative design ideas. The Pronorm product lines offer maximum flexibility as well as maximum value for money.

rwk kitchens

RWK German Kitchens

As a long-established family business with an excellent record for build quality and design, you may well find yourself attracted to RWK German kitchens. But did you know that the fittings used in RWK kitchens are the same as those used frequently in Pronorm kitchens. Or that the level of design and build quality in Pronorm kitchens is considered by many to be superior to RWK at a lower price on average?

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High Quality German Kitchens

RWK kitchens are a popular choice for many people looking to add quality, durability and style to their home. And with all the hallmarks of great German manufacturing, RWK kitchens are certainly a sensible choice. After al, the brand has built a sterling reputation across the UK and throughout the industry, developing an attractive and diverse collection of kitchens in wood grains, matt lacquers, gloss lacquers and veneers.

Yet the cost of purchasing and fitting a RWK kitchen is not insignificant. If you are looking for excellent internal storage, the finest materials and genuine, eye-catching beauty, let us suggest that Pronorm kitchens and Stormer kitchens can provide all of the same benefits in a more cost effective way.

RWK Kitchen Ranges

RWK Kitchens has two basic German kitchen ranges. The first is e.Volution. This places the emphasis on linearity with a vertical grid that features 127mm spacing and makes use of international influences.

Then there is the e.Motion product line from RWK Kitchens. In this product line, each kitchen is designed for the individual, with traditional values matched with your individual taste for aesthetics and ergonomics.

Why not try Pronorm?

There is no doubt that RWK kitchens provide the high quality you would expect from German kitchens, but you can also expect a hefty price tag. Is there a more cost effective option available which retains the same high level of quality?

Let’s compare its line-up to the Pronorm Y Line range available from EKCO. This is an eye-catching line of premium kitchens that boast the absolute best in ergonomic design. The Pronorm range features only the finest materials and modern colour shades that will give your kitchen a distinctive look that ensures it stands out from the crowd.

Indeed, there are a lot of Pronorm kitchens to choose from when you come to EKCO, including Pronorm Classicline with a choice of design and planning options to meet your individual needs.

Our Pronorm kitchens achieve the same high level of quality with more value for money. The range uses fittings from the same brand, offering the same level of sophistication, features, storage and operation. Overall, if you are looking for the German quality kitchen design and service levels of RWK kitchens without having to pay top-end costs then Pronorm is, we believe, the best option available.

One additional benefit to bear in mind is that Pronorm kitchens are not imported in Euros are so are not affected by fluctuating exchange rates.

At EKCO we have been proudly offering stunning living solutions for almost twenty years, including kitchen products, services and installation. Our expertise allows us to turn your dream kitchen into a reality, using high quality materials and German standard designs to ensure all of our kitchens stand the test of time. Don’t wait to transform your home with a stunning new kitchen – contact our team today.

Introducing Stormer

If a Pronorm kitchen isn’t quite the right solution for you, we are proud to say that we now also sell the premium kitchen range from Stormer. With a growing reputation for being a brand that brings innovation and technical excellence to home improvement, you will find it well worth your time to take a browse of our Stormer collection here at EKCO.

Stunning and Reliable Kitchens UK

If you want to transform your home with a beautiful new kitchen design, we are confident that you will find it here in our Pronorm and Stormer collections. These attractive, durable and incredibly functional kitchens are a cost effective alternative to RWK kitchens, without any compromise on quality.

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