Kitchen Lighting


Accent your kitchen or create the right mood with lighting from EKCO. Getting the right kind of lighting in your kitchen is essential and EKCO, Edinburgh and the Lothians’ premier kitchen supplier has a team of award winning designers who help you to get your lighting spot on. Basically there are three variations of lighting depending on its purpose:

Ambient Lighting   

This is also known as the first layer in lighting a room. The most common type of ambient lighting, the primary function of which is to replicate natural daylight, is the central pendant light. This can be fairly harsh on its own however and needs to be complemented by a variety of different styles of light such as wall-mounted uplights and downlights.

Task Lighting

Food preparation involves wielding razor sharp knives and visually checking the food you are preparing and it shouldn’t be done in a dimly lit area. However, task lighting doesn’t just rely on how bright your lighting is. The contrast is equally as important if not more so. Task lighting uses spot, recessed or tracking lights which are directly aimed towards the work area using tungsten or halogen bulbs.

Accent Lighting

Your kitchen is a personal space - the hub of your home which contains so much more than the bare necessities. Accent lighting is used to highlight personal and specific objects in your kitchen which could be wall cupboards, book shelves or pictures.

For More Information on Kitchen Lighting 

The designers from EKCO, the Edinburgh kitchen company, will be delighted to help you shed some light on your kitchen so if you live in Edinburgh, the Lothians or elsewhere in Scotland just give us a call to discuss your requirements on 01506 857007. Better still why not visit one of our showrooms? You’ll find us in Edinburgh and Uphall, near Livingston.



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