Induction Hobs


Are you considering a Siemens induction hob for your home in Glasgow, Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland? Kitchen specialist Ekco has put together its Induction Hob Buyers’ Guide to help you understand how they work and who they are right for so you know if they are the right choice for your kitchen.

What is induction cooking?

Induction hobs use induction heating to cook your food. Typically this means that there is a coil of copper wire underneath the cooking pot - an electric current flows through this coil, producing an oscillating magnetic field. This in turn induces the electric current into the pot meaning that the food is heated.

Why choose a Siemens induction hob?

Siemens induction hobs have numerous advantages compared to standard hobs. For example:

Faster: Cooking with an induction hob will mean your food usually heats quicker, thanks to improved thermal efficiency and greater heat consistency.

Energy efficient: Siemens induction hobs are highly energy efficient and so can save you money on running costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, an induction hob usually has heating performance that is typical to a consumer gas element but with a much higher output.

Safer: As there are no open flames, induction hobs are generally deemed to be safer than conventional cookers. Indeed the surface below the cooking vessel will be no hotter than the vessel itself as only the pan will generate heat.

Cleaner: Induction hobs are generally easier to clean because the cooking surface is smooth.

Are there disadvantages with an induction hob?

Bear in mind that cooking vessels must be compatible with induction heating. For example, glass and ceramics are unusable – as well as solid aluminium and solid copper. The cookware must also have a flat surface.

Many premium kitchens now feature induction hobs – with the kitchen designers at Ekco often incorporating them into their designs.




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