Fridge Freezers

Kitchen designers that want to build quality kitchens will not only focus on colour schemes and worktops – they’ll also consider your kitchen appliances. That’s why German kitchen specialist Ekco has put together its Siemens fridge freezers buyers’ guide to help you find fridge freezers for your premium kitchens.

Why do you need fridge freezers?

Fridge freezers are among the most important appliances in your home. Fridges keep food fresh and ensure it keeps its taste; while freezers help you hygienically store food that you are not planning to cook straight away.

What type of fridge freezer is right for you?There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing a fridge freezer:

  •     Separate or combined: It is possible to buy fridges with freezer compartments, but if you already have a freezer then you may want to consider a separate larder fridge that will offer extra storage space.
  •     Size: With freezers, consider the freezing capacity you need and this will help you choose between an upright freezer and a chest freezer. Generally, chest freezers are best suited to be installed in a garage or utility room in a larger home – they have top opening lids that work best for freezing in bulk. Meanwhile, upright freezers are narrower but can normally be placed with the rest of your kitchen appliances. Most standard fridges and compact fridges, meanwhile, will fit under kitchen worktops, although tall fridges are available for those who have more space.
  •     Features: There are a number of features to look out for with fridge freezers. For example, with a fridge look for: auto defrost, so you will never have to defrost the fridge; anti-bacterial coatings for additional hygiene; and the number of shelves and fittings it includes, such as a wine rack. With freezers you may want to look for frost-free freezers to avoid defrosting; fast freeze, if you need to freeze food quickly; and the shelves and fixtures based on how much you want to store.

Consider energy efficiency

All fridge freezers come with an energy efficiency rating from A-G. With manufacturers now striving to meet efficiency standards the majority that are available are either A+ or A++. Generally, the more efficient the fridge freezer is, the more expensive it will be – however, this is usually offset by lower running costs. If you’re particularly environmentally conscious then you may want to check that the fridge freezer is free of CFCs and HFCs which are believed to influence global warming.
Whichever fridge freezer you opt for, consider the fridge freezer listings at Ekco for your purchases across Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout Scotland.




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