Double Ovens


When the kitchen designers at kitchen specialist Ekco devise the ultimate quality kitchens, they often consider whether the room has enough space for a double oven or a single oven.

In this double ovens buyers’ guide we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a Siemens double oven.

Which oven is right for you?

The obvious consideration when choosing a double oven is to think about the capacity you need. Generally an oven’s capacity is measured in litres and refers to the usable size of the cavity within the oven.

Double ovens with two cavities usually include a large cavity and a smaller one – with the smaller one often being multi-functional and doubling as a grill. If you require even more space for your cooking, then consider a double oven with two large cavities. These will allow you to cook large portions of two separate dishes at the same time and is considered a “true double oven”.

How will the double oven fit into your kitchen?

Of course before buying a Siemens double oven you should consider whether or not you have enough room in your kitchen. Typically the height of a double oven will range from 90-120cm; with a width of 60cm; and a depth of 50-60cm (although in some cases the double oven may be larger).

What do you plan to cook?

Before buying a Siemens double oven consider how much you plan to cook. Do you have a large family, and do you enjoy cooking to such an extent that you will make use of the double capacity on a regular basis?

Also consider the fuel source. Gas ovens use a heat source placed at the bottom of the cavity – when the heat rises there are heat zones at the top and bottom of the oven. Meanwhile, electric ovens either use conventional heating or are fan assisted to ensure that heat is distributed evenly between the shelves.

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