Hacker Kitchens

Why do we use Pronom over Hacker?


Pronorm stands for reliability in quality and service, as well as for innovative design ideas. The Pronorm product lines offer maximum flexibility as well as maximum value for money.

hacker kitchens

Hacker Kitchens

Few kitchen brands can match Hacker’s reputation for quality, style and precision engineering. As the definitive luxury German kitchen company, you know that you are buying a touch of class when you order a Hacker kitchen. However, Pronorm is one of the few brands that can also meet the exacting standards of Hacker.

At EKCO we are proud to offer Pronorm German kitchens in Glasgow, Edinburgh and across Scotland to discerning customers who value premium design and finish in their kitchens. If you are thinking about updating your kitchen design and need help, look no further than EKCO for all the help you need.

For stunning kitchen design solutions tailored to your home, contact the friendly team at EKCO today by calling 0131 343 60 07.

German luxury kitchen design

It is true that Hacker Kitchens are a popular choice in kitchen design as they offer high quality solutions which not only look great but are also built to last. Hacker are dedicated to designing and crafting some of the most desirable kitchens in the world. But they are not alone in this regard. At EKCO we are committed to selling premium Pronorm kitchens because they too represent the very finest of German kitchen standards.

More about Hacker German kitchens

Hacker is a large independently owned kitchen manufacturer in Germany with over 50 dealers worldwide. Through careful design measures, Hacker aims to deliver the highest claims in terms of quality, functionality and design with every kitchen. German engineered kitchens are renowned for their high standards of luxury and durability, using the latest technologies to ensure that everything in your kitchen fits seamlessly and works beautifully.

Hacker German kitchens certainly have plenty of advantages in the marketplace. For example, they are available in several different styles depending on the look and feel you want to create in your home – you can take your pick between traditional, modern and contemporary.

If you are looking for a modern Hacker kitchen but want genuine value for money, a Pronorm German kitchen could be the alternative for you. Like Hacker, Pronorm kitchens come in a broad range of styles and finishes. Whether you are looking for something cutting edge and modern with an innovative blend of wood, glass and steel, or if you prefer a gentler sophistication to your design, Pronorm can cater for your needs.
As approved suppliers and distributors of Pronorm kitchens, the team here at EKCO can offer advice and guidance to help you get the kitchen that you deserve.

Discounted Hacker kitchens UK

However, all this luxury comes at a price. It is rare to find discounted Hacker Kitchens – if you want one of these quality German kitchens you will usually have to pay a premium price. This is why Pronorm kitchens can be such an appealing alternative.

EKCO are one of the largest importers of Pronorm German kitchens in the UK. This position gives us unrivalled buying power so that we are able to offer unbeatable prices on our quality German kitchens.
For example, the Pronorm Y-Line can match Hacker in terms of sophistication with similar fittings and features such as its handle-less door range. It is high quality too, with real excellence in terms of operation and unique internal storage features.

There are also a range of colours to choose from, including camel/golden oak, black-brown pine/white pine, gloss white, oak dark, black matt lacquer and many more. With glossy fronts and a spacious design, Pronorm Y-Line is a great alternative to discounted Hacker Kitchens as it is both forward thinking and eye-catching.

Another key advantage of these German kitchens is that Hacker is usually more expensive, primarily because they are typically imported in UK currency and so are not affected by exchange rates.

High quality kitchen design UK

If you are considering a Pronorm design from EKCO for your new kitchen, now is the time to invest. Explore our wide range of kitchen design solutions and get inspired. You can also contact the team at EKCO today by calling 0131 343 60 07.



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