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Spacekube & SolarLux Glass Extensions in Edinburgh

All too often homeowners are encouraged to think inside the box when we redesign or redecorate our homes. We typically feel like we have to work within the confines of our home and its dimensions for something like a kitchen extension, playroom or living space. But have you ever considered a freestanding home extension – a solution that is just as high quality and significantly more cost effective than an extra few square metres of bricks and mortar.

If you like the idea of adding space in an exciting and innovative way, let us introduce you to Spacekube.

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Luxury home glass extensions: more than your average house extension

While garden rooms and garden pods have become increasingly popular in recent years, many of them are still considered to be closer to garden sheds than serious home extensions. But at EKCO we have developed freestanding Spacekubes that genuinely offer the best of both worlds: the speed, convenience and cost-effectiveness of a garden pod combined with the quality, thermal efficiency and luxury finish of the finest kitchen extension or orangery.

Glass Rooms Scotland

For many homeowners, having a detached space that stands separate from the main home can be the ideal solution for the modern family. Whether it’s a home office, health suite or cinema room, our Spacekubes can be tailored to suit a whole range of different uses. Spacekubes can also be perfect for households looking to add a granny flat or even a room to let out on Airbnb.

Home extensions Scotland: built in a factory; installed in no time

Our modular Spacekubes are pre-manufactured from the highest quality sustainable materials. By creating each panel and module in a controlled factory environment we can ensure an airtight design, which ensures thermal efficiency and durability.

Finished with locally sourced Scottish lark for a stunning and distinctive look, our Spacekubes are perfectly at home in gardens of all sizes and styles.

Our kubes can be customised with canopies, decking, pergolas, sliding doors, additional glazing and UV treatments to meet customer requirements.

Here is what you can expect when making a Spacekube your choice of home extension.

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Step 1- Initial consultation

The first step towards achieving the right look and feel to your Spacekube is to share your ideas of what your dream home extension needs to achieve. What shape will it be – a standard box design with four corners and a discreet flat roof or something more unorthodox and eye-catching. We offer a number of different designs with varied features such as decking options, pergolas, bifolds and sliding doors. Our initial consultation will enable you to collaborate exclusively with your own dedicated designer and manager to help turn your vision into a reality.

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Step 2 - Site survey

Your dedicated designer and manager will always arrange a visit to your home to look at the proposed positioning and orientation of your home extension. Not only will this help us to take accurate measurements and anticipate any challenges that may be presented; it also gives us the opportunity to see if there are any fresh ideas or suggestions that we might put to you. We will photograph the site, measure it and flag any issues that need to be resolved before construction starts.

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Step 3 - Specification and cost presentation

Once we’ve explored your ideas, we will create a specification and cost presentation to finalise your home extension project. A comprehensive overview of the Spacekube design and finish will be provided alongside a detailed breakdown of costs. We believe in providing you with all the information you need in plain English to ensure complete transparency throughout a build. We also take care of any planning processes that may be required for your project, letting you focus on enjoying your home extension without any extra hassle.

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Step 4 - Construction, delivery and installation

Once your Spacekube has been designed, our local craftsmen will meticulously engineer each component off-site in our workshop to ensure that the quality of the work is of the highest standard. We will then arrange to deliver and install your Spacekube at a time that suits you – no matter where you are in Scotland. We can also accommodate a supply-only option, giving you the chance to use your own installation team if you prefer.

The full installation process typically takes between 5 and 10 days, depending on the design, size and location of your home. This is significantly faster than your traditional home extension.

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Step 5 - Post-completion

Once your new Spacekube is in place we will take the time to go through any snags or minor tweaks that are necessary so that you are always 100% happy with the end result. Unlike your traditional home extension you could go from initial meeting to enjoying your new room in just a matter of weeks.

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