Heat Your Kitchen or Bathroom Efficiently with Underfloor Heating from EKCO Edinburgh


Originally invented by the Romans, underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in homes throughout Scotland due to our rather cool climate.

EKCO can now install underfloor heating in bathrooms, kitchens and in fact any room in your home whether you live in Edinburgh or elsewhere in Scotland. So what are the benefits of having underfloor heating fitted by EKCO?

  •     Installed by qualified plumbers who specialise in underfloor heating we make sure the only trace of having had any work done at all is the warm air rising from your floor
  •     Even distribution of heat across the entire room, not just in one place
  •     No need for radiators
  •     Cost efficient, saving up to 40% on your energy bills compared to traditional radiators
  •     Helps reduce moisture content in the home and therefore dust mites which can cause allergies
  •     Works hand in hand with renewable energy sources such as solar panels or ground source heat pumps to make your home even more environmentally friendly

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