Bathroom Taps Buyers' Guide


So you’re looking for bathroom taps but aren’t sure which is the best option for you. Bathroom designers may advise you based on style to ensure you get the perfect finish – but you want durability and quality too. That’s why German bathroom specialist Ekco, which delivers quality bathrooms across Scotland, including in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, has put together a bathroom taps buyers’ guide.

What to consider when buying bathroom taps

If you’re looking for bathroom taps then your first consideration should be water pressure. Most taps will be suitable for use with standard water pressure – however, shower mixer taps will usually require a higher pressure to perform. You can contact your local Water Board for advice.

In addition, you should pay close attention to the design of your bathroom taps as there are many to choose from including:

  • Pillar basin/bath taps: These are traditional taps – with one for hot water and one for cold.
  • Mixer taps: This is a single body tap that mixes both hot and cold water with two handles located on either side to control the water flow.
  • Dual flow taps: These will provide a single stream of water, but unlike mixer taps they prevent unequal pressure by keeping the hot and cold water separate within the body of the tap itself.
  • Monobloc taps: A single lever is used to control the hot and cold water flow through monobloc taps so there is no need for separate handles.
  • Shower mixer: This will include a diverter system that directs the water supply to the shower head which is incorporated into the tap.

In addition to deciding on the style of bathroom tap you want, you should also consider the finish that will match your bathroom design. Options include: brass taps, shiny chrome and brushed matt and satin finishes.

Also consider how you want the taps to be fitted. The basic options are to mount taps on the basin/bath; or to mount the tap behind the fixtures, which can have advantages such as creating a clean look to the fixture’s surface.

Which companies offer bathroom taps?

Among the bathroom designers that specialise in bathroom taps are:

  • Dornbracht taps: Look out for the Performing Water and Transforming Water ranges from Dornbracht taps to give your bathroom a unique vibe.
  • GROHE Spa taps: Digital technologies and brilliant finishes make GROHE Spa taps stand out from the pack.
  • Keuco taps: With Keuco taps you can benefit from ecologically sound technologies as well as brilliant designs.
  • Samuel Heath taps: Put the finishing touches to your bathroom with Samuel Heath taps, which personify expert craftsmanship.

If you’re interested in Dornbracht taps, Keuco taps, GROHE Spa taps or Samuel Heath shower taps contact Ekco, which specialises in premium bathrooms.



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