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Mr & Mrs Wallace

Sometimes one room is better than two: creating a spacious feel that can make you feel like you are walking into a luxurious honeymoon suite every time you enter your bathroom. For Mr and Mrs Wallace, in Livingston, that was the goal: to include a bathroom and walk-in shower with a light and bright feel.

The Challenge

Taking down an internal non-load bearing wall is definitely a job for the professionals at Ekco: as is incorporating a bulkhead to house a wall-hung cistern. The hope was to create a place where items could be set while using a free-standing bath.

The Outcome

One look at Mr and Mrs Wallace’s bathroom and your eyes will be drawn straight to a single feature: namely the teardrop small bath from Clearwater that boasts a compact and creative shape that immediately becomes a discussion point for visitors. It is made from a material called natural stone and boasts a tactile finish.

However, there is plenty of hard work behind the beauty. The Ekco team opened up the space by removing the wall which had separated the WC from the bathroom. From there, we created a full height bulkhead which was used to house the WC cistern with alcoves at bath height and eye level to retain a dazzling design without losing any practicality.

Concealed valves and spouts, along with ceiling mounted shower heads, meant that the space boasted a sleek and minimal look: while a Laufen Mimo basin offered an asymmetrical design to open up the space as you enter the room and it tied in well with the striking bathtub; while warm-up under tile heating is used to bring heat to the room without hurting the overall design. The result was that Mr and Mrs Wallace enjoyed the sleek, minimalistic but spacious bathroom they longed for.

“Wow! Ecko really went above and beyond our expectations: this is everything we dreamed of and so much more.”