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Mr & Mrs Peace

Mr and Mrs Peace, from Edinburgh, wanted to use the space in their bathroom to install a larger standard size bath while also creating an alcove and some shelf space. At the same time, the happy couple hoped that we would be able to make better use of the reduced space in the room.

The Challenge

Perhaps the biggest challenge in this bathroom was removing the plasterboard from the eves in an effort to steal space for the larger bath. This was by no means an easy brief to fulfil as the limited space made it difficult for our team to find room to manoeuvre and certainly gave our designers food for thought.

The Outcome

Take one look at the bathroom’s eves and you might wonder how it is possible for the room to have such a spacious look: and it certainly took some clever work from the Ekco designers.

The first step was to use the space within the eves to fit a 1700x750 Laufenbath with an overflow-filler and a manual shower valve that offers a clean look with no taps. We also used the space from the eves as housing for the frame and cistern: therefore creating additional floor space for the room.

There was no need to sacrifice the basin in order to create more room, however: an Ambiance Bain Komplements unit was installed with a good sized basin that also incorporates a pull-out drawer for extra room. In addition, it comes with a gloss Samoa finish that perfectly complemented the gloss Samoa bath panel. This colour formed a neat union with the zenith beige tiles; while LED lights were fitted into the ceiling that was finished with a full plaster for a complete look.

“Ecko’s use of space is so clever: I really never thought we’d be able to have a larger bath and not lose any space.”