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Mr & Mrs Gibb

If you really want to make your home look as big as possible then it’s vital to make use of every bit of space available. Mr and Mrs Gibbs, from Brigend, were well aware of this when they set Ekco the task of creating a modern looking cloakroom to match the theme of their stunning home.

The Challenge

When you are converting a cloakroom there is one difficulty that stands out above anything else – namely working within, and making use of, such a small space. Ekco wanted to make the room look as large as possible while still providing all the desired amenities.

The Outcome

Glance at the pictures of Mr and Mrs Gibbs’ cloakroom in Brigend and there is one feature that is likely to leap out at you: namely the large customer cut mirror. Its purpose is to transform the look of the room by making it appear to be considerably more spacious than it really is: offering a calming and relaxing effect. It is also able to exaggerate the lighting and enhance the appearance of the room.

A wall hung WC and a Tavistock Siren basin mixer allowed the floor to be left clear and offered a further illusion of space. The wall-to-wall mirror with LED spotlights fitted neatly into the drop down and again enhanced the look and feel of the room.

In an effort to pull the design of the room together, Ekco used dark tiles on the back wall, floor and around the skirting: with a Zehnder radiator colour-matched for a neat finish. During every step of the process, the customer’s desires and guidance were taken into account: particularly in ensuring the cloakroom took design cues from the rest of the property.

“Is this really our room? Honestly, Ekco has done a fabulous job in turning a small little box space into something truly special: thank you so much!”