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Mr & Mrs Black

What should you do with that spare bedroom that you simply pile junk into at the moment and never actively use? The answer could be to turn it into a bathroom: and that’s exactly what Mr and Mrs Black from Edinburgh wanted to do, with Ekco glad to oblige.

The Challenge

It’s not every day that the Ekco team is asked to change the use of a room: but the challenge of creating a new bathroom from a spare bedroom was one that the designers were eager to tackle. There were plenty of tasks to be completed though including implementing a shower and a large double ended bath with a modern feel.

The Outcome

As you can imagine, the biggest task facing the team was re-routing the piping and waste pipes to the spare room.

To do this, we brought new water and waste pipes into the room and built a bulkhead that could house the frame and cistern while creating an alcove at the end of the bath. A Keuco Edition 300 basin unit was employed for the task with a Crosswater Status 5 hole bath filler and a fixed head with concealed valve.

In an effort to give the room a modern, angular feel, all the fittings were square and the enclosure was kept simple with fixed glass panels while the valve was positioned as you enter so that the shower could be turned on without being under the fixed head.

To give the room a perfect finish, the client invested in an ex-display Keuco unit with mirror: this worked perfectly in tandem with the styling of the room. Meanwhile, there were mixed light and dark grey tiles with added blue LED lights under the basin and in the alcove to bring an additional sense of ambience to the room.

“It’s amazing to think that this was once a spare bedroom: Ekco has truly breathed new life into this room and increased the value of our property.”