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Spacekube Home Extensions Scotland


The Ekco spaceKube is a pre-manufactured room which is engineered and constructed off site then fitted seamlessly onto your existing home. It can also be situated at another area of your garden if you would prefer to use it for a home-office or artist’s studio away from the hubbub of your day to day living. Here are some reasons why the spaceKube is the modern way to give you the perfect solution to your limited space.

Cheaper than moving home

If you love your current location why move? Improve instead and get the additional room you need with an Ekco spaceKube which can save you thousands in moving costs and provide the perfect solution to the problem of limited space.

Adds value to your home

Adding an extension to your home can increase its value by up to 11% and according to a recent article in The Guardian by property guru, Phil Spencer. A spaceKube will give you the extension you need without all the hassle and fuss that comes with it.

Modern design

The Ekco spaceKube is custom-built to your own specifications off-site. We also have standard packages which are highly modern yet timeless in appearance. Suitable for every home with outside space.

One-stop service

Ekco can design your spaceKube to your exact specifications and deliver it on a supply only basis for your own tradespeople and builder to erect. However, many people prefer the idea of a one-stop service in which eKco will take care of everything from design to completion. 

No planning permission

Generally a spaceKube, being a single storey building doesn’t need planning permission or building warrants. However, we’ll take care of looking into that for you. If you do decide you want a spaceKube with a design unique to you then we will take care of any warrants required.

Quick to put in place

Our rapid deployment service means that spaceKube is engineered and constructed off-site and quick to put in place in a matter of weeks causing virtually no disruption to your daily life.

High quality materials

The spaceKube is constructed of high quality materials sensitive to the environment both inside and out which means it will provide an excellent investment for many years to come.

Designed around your life

Whatever you want from your spaceKube Ekco will deliver. Extra bedroom, dining kitchen, even a media room, home office or studio. A spaceKube is limited only by your imagination.

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