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Semi-Detached Home Extensions in Livingston

Looking for builders who offer house and home extensions in Livingston?

Livingston and surrounding towns in West Lothian have become a magnet for people who would like a decent sized semi-detached home but without the price tag of an Edinburgh property. Since it shed its ‘new town’ status Livingston has built a burgeoning community with great shopping centres, schools and other facilities. In other words it’s a great place to live. It’s no wonder that homeowners, who are looking for an additional room are thinking of adding an extension rather than moving house.

Moving home is expensive: Try a home extension instead

Relocating is a costly process. Apart from the increased mortgage itself there are the legal fees to consider, not to mention stamp duty which can run into tens of thousands of pounds. If, on top of this, you may find yourself looking to move to an area which doesn’t have the amenities you currently enjoy the idea of adding an extension seems even more attractive. But what is the best type of extension for your home? It all depends on your needs but up until now the choices have been limited to a conservatory or sunroom, otherwise known as a garden room.

Home Extension alternatives to Conservatories in Livingston

There’s no doubt that conservatories are popular and they’re ideal if you’re looking for a day-room which lets in loads of light. If however, it’s a dining kitchen or an additional bedroom you’re after you may want to consider a full-blown extension instead but you would need to be prepared to invest heavily and be prepared for months of upheaval plus put up with your garden being turned temporarily into a rubbish tip. It may be worth considering another alternative which has recently come on the market but which is perfect to give you the extra space you need for your Livingston semi-detached home and at a much lower cost than either relocating or building a traditional house extension. Introducing the Ekco spaceKube.

One-Stop Building Service in Livingston, Scotland

Ekco’s One-Stop Service means we will manage the process from start to finish which is designed to make your life easier. Our One-Stop Service includes:

  • Full House Extension Design Service – Although we have a range of ready-made spaceKube designs you may want something a bit different. Also if you decide you need a dining kitchen or an additional bedroom we can design either to your exact specifications – and of course install it.
  • Off-Site Manufacture – One of the main benefits of choosing spaceKube is that we manufacture it off-site thereby keeping disruption to a minimum. We then bring it to your home in sections and after laying the concrete foundations erect it in double quick time. Simple, clean and convenient.
  • Quick Installation – No-one wants to wait months to be able to move into their new extension. This is why your spaceKube is designed to be installed and habitable in around six weeks.
  • Concrete Foundations – We lay a highly insulated base to keep your spaceKube warm throughout the year.

Selection of SpaceKube Extension Models

Our spaceKube is available in a selection of models. We use these as the starting point and then design your one based on your needs and of course your specific taste. The models are:

  • Type 1 Kube – This is the simplest model of spaceKube. A contemporary box with smooth, sleek lines and a flat roof suitable for modern and traditional Livingston semi-detached villas, bungalows or even detached homes. You can choose to have it any size you wish up to the full width of your home, usually without planning permission. Type 1 spaceKube is available with either wall to wall glazing along with ceiling to floor glazing on one side or else a fully glazed corner.
  • Type 2 Pitch – Clean contemporary design similar to Type 1 but with a monopitch (sloping) roof. Can be installed in both a Livingston semi-detached and a detached home.
  • Type 3 Wrap – Pre-engineered in an L-shape to wrap around the corner of your home giving you an extra room on two walls. It can be installed on the outside edge of your semi-detached home or on either corner, if your home is fully detached.

Bi-fold Doors for your Livingston Home

Why not choose bi-fold doors instead of your fully glazed wall? Bi-fold patio doors fully extend to allow more light and air into your home thereby removing the barrier between your indoor and your outside space. Bi-fold doors are also designed to keep your warm and well insulated during the colder months using advanced weather seal technology.

Underfloor Heating Installation in Livingston

Ekco can also fit an underfloor heating system to add a touch of luxury to your spaceKube.

Sarnafil Roof System

Sarnafil is a leading energy efficient roofing system used to protect both domestic and commercial properties around the globe. This will ensure your spaceKube remains watertight and protected from the elements for years to come.

Exterior Finishes & House Rendering

Your spaceKube can come with a selection of exterior finishes to either blend with your existing home or add a contemporary contrast:

  • Timber Cladding – The finest weather resistant larch or cedar to give your spaceKube a more contemporary eco look.
  • Trespa® Panels – Trespa® is a highly compressed laminate used for the exterior finish of commercial and domestic properties around the world. The variety of colours can offer almost limitless design choices for your spaceKube.
  • Render – Smooth finish painted in a choice of colours to match the finish of your existing walls.


SpaceKube flooring is a high grade laminate laid on top of the underfloor heating system


Your spaceKube will come complete with ceiling downlights already installed and the ceiling and the walls will be finished internally to ensure your spaceKube is ready to move into.

Upgrade Options

Why not choose some optional upgrades for your spaceKube by adding the following?

  • Additional Glazing – Let even more light in with additional windows available with either double or triple glazing.
  • Rooflight – Allows more light from above.
  • German Built-Kitchen – Ekco can equip your spaceKube with a top-quality, modern and sleek Pronorm German-built kitchen and appliances by manufacturers such as Siemens and Neff.
  • Ensuite Shower or Bathroom – If you plan to use your spaceKube as an additional bedroom we can design and fit out a complete bathroom with fittings by top manufacturers such as Grohe, Laufen and Dornbracht.

Endless Possibilities

An Ekco spaceKube can add almost endless possibilities for an extra room in your home. From an extra bedroom, lounge or media room to a home office or gym the choice is yours. Why not contact us to discuss your thoughts with one of our designers?

Ekco SpaceKube House Extension Costs

How much you’re prepared to invest will depend on the finishes you would like such as bi-fold doors, triple-glazing, German-built kitchen and so on. However, as a guide a standard 6m x 3m spaceKube for an average semi-detached Livingston or West Lothian property using our complete One-Stop Service will require an investment of around £27,000. An 8m x 4m spaceKube for an average detached home will cost around £45,000 fully completed.

Find Out More About Adding an Ekco SpaceKube to Your Livingston Home

To find out more about adding an Ekco spaceKube to your Livingston home call Ekco now on 01506 857 007. Or, visit your local showroom at Uphall, Livingston.