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Looking for washing machines for quality kitchens in Scotland? Whether you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow or beyond, the clever minds of the kitchen designers at German kitchen specialist Ekco can help you make an informed choice with its Siemens washing machine buyers’ guide.

There are three main types of washing machines:

  • Freestanding: These can be pushed under existing kitchen worktops or units and the functions are quick to reach and easily at hand.
  • Integrated or built-in: Kitchen designers include the washing machine in the design of the kitchen and it is usually cleverly hidden away behind a door.
  • Semi-integrated: Effectively the best of both worlds, this places the washing machine behind a door but keeps its control panel visible.

What to consider when buying a Siemens washing machine

When choosing a washing machine you should take into account its features including wash load, spin speed and efficiency:

  • Wash load: Washing machines have various wash loads. Up to around 5kg is usually sufficient for a single person or couple. However, if you’re part of a larger family you may want a larger load capacity – with some up to 10kg available. With larger loads you may also be able to wash more unusual items such as duvets.
  • Spin speed: This determines the amount of water that is removed during the spin cycle, which helps with drying times. Most modern washing machines have spin speeds ranging from 1,000-1,800rpm.
  • Efficiency: All washing machines are given an efficiency rating from A-G by the European Union Energy Label system which takes into account energy performance, wash performance and spin performance. Generally the more efficient a washing machine is the more expensive it will be, but you can save money long-term on running costs. Some washing machines also feature timer delay functions so you can set them to run at night when electricity is cheaper.

For washing machines for premium kitchens check out the listings at kitchen specialist Ekco.