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Washer dryers are ideal for consumers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland, who are often hit by bad weather but lack the space to have a separate washing machine and tumble dryer. As a specialist in quality kitchens, kitchen company Ekco has put together a Siemens washer dryer buyers’ guide.

What types of Siemens washer dryers are available?

There are two looks to choose from when picking a Siemens washer dryer. These are: freestanding, meaning the washer dryer can be pushed under an existing kitchen unit; and built-in, meaning your kitchen designers will incorporate the washer dryers into the kitchen’s design and it is usually hidden behind a door.

Choosing the right washer dryer

Your number one consideration when choosing a washer dryer should be its load capacity – most will have a different washer load compared to their drying load. So ask yourself how much drying you are likely to do and how often. If you are doing laundry for a large family then you will usually need a washer dryer with a large capacity – this may also be able to incorporate more unusual items such as duvets.

Another consideration is the spin speed of the washer dryer. This will determine the amount of water that is removed from your wash load and reduce drying times. Most washer dryers normally have different spin speeds based on the items you are washing: for example, wool usually washes from 400-800rpm, while cottons usually wash at 1,000-1,600rpm.

Consider the efficiency of your washer dryer

All washer dryers should feature an energy label that indicates its energy consumption – these will range from A-G and will often apply to energy performance, spin performance and wash performance. Generally, the more expensive the washer dryer, the more efficient it is likely to be – but you should recoup some of your initial outlay on running costs. If you’re looking for a particularly efficient washer dryer then watch out for the Energy Saving Trust’s accreditation, which is often seen as the gold standard.

For Siemens washer dryers that are ideal for premium kitchens, check out the listings at German kitchen specialist Ekco.