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Scotland is noted for its changeable weather, so regardless of whether you live in Edinburgh, Glasgow or beyond, a tumble dryer could be a smart investment. Here German kitchen specialist Ekco, renowned for its premium kitchens, offers its  tumble dryers buyers’ guide.

What types of tumble dryers are there?

There are two main looks to tumble dryers: freestanding and integrated, the latter being built into your kitchen. Usually a freestanding tumble dryer can be pushed under a worktop with its functions easy to reach; while kitchen designers will include the tumble dryer into the kitchen so it is usually hidden behind a door.

Then there are three main types of tumble dryers to choose from: condenser tumble dryers, vented tumble dryers and spin dryers:

  • Vented tumble dryers: These are the most common and require venting with a flexible tube through the outside wall.
  • Condenser tumble dryers: These collect moisture during drying and store it within the appliance so it can be emptied at a later point.
  • Spin dryers: Usually much smaller, these use centrifugal force to separate the water from the clothes during the drying process.
  • The importance of the drying load
  • When choosing a Siemens tumble dryer, consider the drying load. Generally if you are single or part of a couple, a capacity of 5kg will be perfectly sufficient. However, if you are part of a large family you may want a larger capacity – potentially as much as 10kg. Large drying loads also have the advantage of being able to accommodate unusual items including duvets; and they usually decrease ironing times.

Consider tumble dryer efficiency

Typically when buying a Siemens tumble dryer you will notice an alphabetical rating from A-G to indicate its efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the more money you should save on running costs. Some Siemens tumble dryers even come with a timer delay function allowing users to time their tumble dryer to run during the night to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates.