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Single Ovens

It’s hard to imagine quality kitchens without quality ovens. You can spend a lot of money on kitchen designers and premium kitchens but ultimately the success of your kitchen is most reliant on the oven you buy. That’s why German kitchen specialist Ekco has put together a Siemens single oven buyers’ guide so customers can find the right oven for them.

What is a single oven?

Most know the basic premise behind an oven – it cooks food by heating the air. However, the type of oven it is listed as depends mainly on its capacity – that being the usable size of the cavity within the oven.

Single ovens generally boast single cavity spacing with shelves for roasting and baking. However, they may also come with a grill built into them or separately. Having a separate grill means you can grill without having to use the oven itself, which offers more flexibility.

Will the single oven fit into your kitchen?

Many people considering buying a Siemens single oven may have limited space within their kitchen. Often you can get ovens that are built into your premium kitchen’s design although free standing models are also available. Usually a single oven will have a height of around 60cm, width of 60cm and depth of 50-60cm.

What can you expect from a Siemens single oven?

Generally, the more expensive the single oven, the more features it will include.

For example, an entry level single oven will usually have a fan assisted option to help save you money on your electricity bill. However, if you’re willing to pay a little more you can often find more stylish designs with pyrolytic cleaning.

As Siemens single ovens come from such an established designer brand, they are generally packed with hi-tech features and a host of cooking options. There are even some single ovens available that can perform to professional standards.

Whatever grade of Siemens single oven you’re looking for, make sure you check the listings at German kitchen specialist Ekco to ensure you’re getting a quality product at the right price no matter where you live in Scotland, including Edinburgh and Glasgow.