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German kitchen specialist Ekco offers its Siemens dishwasher buyers’ guide to help consumers across Scotland find the ideal appliance for their high quality kitchens.

What to look for from a dishwasher

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a dishwasher, including:

Size: Dishwashers are available in a number of sizes, such as: full-size models, which usually have a 12 place setting capacity; slim-line models, with the same height and depth but usually a nine place setting capacity; and compact models, which have room for around four place settings if you have very limited space.

Most full-size and slim-line dishwashers can fit under a standard worktop. Also available are integrated models, which can be concealed behind a matching fascia; and semi-integrated models which keep the machine’s control panel visible.

Programmes: Each machine will have its own range of programmes – usually dishwashers have at least three programme settings, including: a main wash programme; an economy programme; and a light or delicates programme. Some top of the range dishwashers may also boast a glasses programme or a half-load programme where you only use one of the two levels in the machine.

Consider energy efficient dishwashers

Each dishwasher receives an energy efficiency grade monitored by Trading Standards, ranging from A-G. Generally, the more expensive the machine the better its energy efficiency – it should help you save money in the long term as it saves on electricity use and water consumption. Some may have time delays so you can set the dishwasher to run at night and take advantage of cheaper electricity rates.

Things to remember: Care and maintenance

Remember that not everything you use in the kitchen can be put in the dishwasher – most china, utensils and cookware should feature labels stating whether they are dishwasher safe.

All dishwashers need dishwasher salt (to help soften the water); rinse aid (to reduce drying time); and a dishwasher detergent. It is also necessary to use a dishwasher cleaner at regular intervals to degrease and refresh the dishwasher. Also remember to clean out the filters regularly to remove food waste.

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