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Kitchen Hobs

Cook up a storm in your kitchen with hobs from EKCO. Many years ago we had the open cooking range which meant we could have a pot always on the heat with the plat du jour ready to serve at all times.

As time has moved on the kitchen, still the heart of the home, has become infinitely more functional and appliances have certainly moved with the times. Take the hob for example. EKCO, Edinburgh and the Lothians’ premier kitchen company will supply and fit hobs by Siemens and Neff in homes across Scotland ensuring that you can have the right style of appliance and model to fit your kitchen and your budget.

Cutting edge cooking with Hobs from EKCO

Today’s hobs are completely cutting edge. Within the top end range we have the Siemens Flexiduction hob which is, as the name suggests, a ceramic induction hob with far more advanced technology than ever before. Like other induction hobs the pot heats up but never the surface which always remains cool to the touch. The Flexiduction system however, gives you so much more:

  • Flexible cooking zone - Adapts to the sizes and configuration of pots you use
  • Electronic touch controls - Giving you complete control over each area of the cooking zone
  • Innovative touch slider - Allowing you to instantly control the temperate on a scale of 1-9
  • Better heat distribution- Meaning no cool spots on the edge of any of your pots thereby giving you perfectly cooked meals
  • Automatic pan recognition -The Flexiduction hob will react to any pan placed anywhere within the cooking zone right up to the edges
  • Small object detection - Allows the hob to distinguish between what is and isn’t a pan. So if you place a spoon on the surface it will remain cool while the adjacent pot or pan heats up. No nasty burns when you try to pick the spoon up.
  • Better energy efficiency – Only the pot ever heats up so there’s no unused and therefore wastage energy

For state of the art cooking find out about kitchen hobs from EKCO

EKCO supplies and fits conventional gas and electric hobs and state of the art ceramic induction hobs within Edinburgh, Livingston and throughout Scotland. To discuss the best type of hob to suit your kitchen call us now on 01506 857007 and our kitchen designers will be delighted to help.