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Cooker Hoods

German kitchen specialist Ekco has built its reputation on providing quality kitchens. As a family run business it has established a portfolio of talented kitchen designers and it aims to offer only premium kitchens with high quality kitchen appliances.

Among its offerings is its range of Siemens cooker hoods. Here it offers its Siemens cooker hoods buyers’ guide to help customers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland make an informed choice about the right product for them:

What are cooker hoods?

Siemens cooker hoods are designed to get rid of unwanted moisture and odours. Generally, they are available in two varieties:

Extraction cooker hoods: These remove steam and odours via ducting to the outside of the home. Extraction cooker hoods have a number of advantages, because there is no need to replace charcoal filters on a regular basis and long-term running costs are cheaper while the air flow rate is higher. However, they are not always appropriate for smaller kitchens and there are additional initial costs for ducting and installation.

Recirculation cooker hoods: With recirculation cooker hoods, there is a filter containing activated charcoal that removes the odour and smoke from the air before returning the “clean” air back into the kitchen. They can usually be installed anywhere and have cheaper initial costs; but the airflow rate is decreased, while you will have to replace the charcoal filter regularly.

Generally, with Siemens cooker hoods, extraction is preferred.    

What should you look for?

Assuming you decide on extraction for your Siemens cooker hoods, consider the following:

Ducting: Ducting kits are not always supplied with the cooker hoods but can usually be picked up from the supplier. If the hood has a choice of 150mm and 120mm diameters you may prefer to opt for 150mm as it boasts improved airflow.

Extraction rate: To establish the extraction rate you need to work out the volume of the room in cubic metres and multiply it by 12 to allow for the 12 recommended changes of airflow per hour.

Check out the Siemens cooker hoods section for a full list of the high quality cooker heads available from Ekco now.