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Bathroom | Showers


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Showers Buyers Guide

Quality bathrooms need great showers – after all showers are almost essential for life in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland as they provide the convenience we crave for our busy lifestyles. However, for premium bathrooms, showers should be about more than just function – they should also be about style. That’s why Ekco has put together its bathroom showers buyers’ guide.

Why do you need bathroom showers?

Thanks to out hectic lives, showers have become a must in most modern bathrooms and they are even being fitted in the smallest spaces. They can affect the value of your home too – so if you only have limited space you might want to consider an over-bath shower with a bath screen, so at least you have the shower option.

What to consider when buying a shower

There are many factors to take into account when choosing bathroom showers including:

Shower doors and enclosures: Forget mouldy shower curtains, the modern alternative is a shower door or a shower enclosure. A shower enclosure will include a shower tray, a door, and possibly a side panel – although a shower tray may not be necessary if you opt for a wetroom.

Shower trays: Sometimes referred to as shower bases, shower trays vary based on shape, material and size. There are square trays, pentagonal trays and quadrant trays available; while materials include: acrylic shower trays, stone resin shower trays and enamelled steel shower trays. Standard shower trays rely heavily on their silicone seal which will lose its effectiveness over time so consider investing in upstands or risers.

Shower screen: The type of bathroom you have will largely dictate the shower screen you choose with options including: folding and sliding shower screens; pivot screens; and more.

Electric showers or power showers: Of course the most important element of the shower is the water flow itself – and here there are two broad options: the electric shower and the power shower.

Electric showers are more economical as they heat water just when needed; but power showers are generally considered to provide a more invigorating shower experience.

Which companies offer bathroom showers?

There are bathroom showers available from the following bathroom designers:

Carron bathroom showers: Carron bathroom showers offer the best in Scottish bathroom design with exclusive collections ranging from the traditional to the modern.

Kaldewei bathroom showers: With Kaldewei bathroom showers you’ll benefit from showers with a contemporary look, a host of modern colours and intriguing ergonomic concepts.

Laufen bathroom showers: Uses Swiss architectural concepts in premium bathrooms to create Laufen bathroom showers that are functional and stylish.

Matki bathroom showers: With Matki bathroom showers you can take your pick from walk-in showers to wetrooms – this extensive range has it all.

Whether you want Carron bathroom showers; Laufen bathroom showers; Kaldewei bathroom showers; or Matki bathroom showers; you can find them all from German bathroom specialist Ekco – just check out its listings.