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Baths Buyers Guide

If you want premium bathrooms then there is arguably no more important feature than the bath itself. Bathroom designers will tell you about the importance of the bathtub – it is the centrepiece of the room and the true highlight of quality bathrooms. Here German bathroom specialist Ekco offers its bathroom baths buyers’ guide to help customers make the right choice for them.

What types of bath are there?

Your main choice when determining which bath is right for you will be choosing the material from which it is made. Most baths are either steel or acrylic:

Acrylic baths: The material is easier to mould and tools are cheaper meaning designs are often more elaborate, while they retain heat better and are warmer to touch. High quality acrylic should offers years of trouble free use and any small blemishes can be addressed with a mild buffing agent.

Steel baths: Generally simpler in design due to the lack of flexibility of the material, steel baths conduct heat well but will generally cool faster than acrylic baths. They should be finished with an enamelled surface for trouble free use for several years; while they are usually more stable when fitted.

What about luxury baths?

In addition to standard baths, there are also a number of luxury options available:

Whirlpool baths: Often considered the ultimate in luxury, whirlpool baths offer massage style soaks with a number of health benefits. It is believed that whirlpool baths can help to reduce stress and that they can increase circulation. They are available in a number of designs and sizes to suit any bathroom.

Simply air baths: Uses small holes made in the base of the bath to create therapeutic bubbles. They usually come with temperature settings and massage controls and often have a self-draining and cleaning function meaning they are both a more convenient and hygienic option for your bathroom.

Which companies make bathroom baths?

There are a number of companies that will offer bathroom baths, usually as part of a bathroom suite:

Carron bathroom baths: Among the Carron bathroom baths available are: whirlpools, space saving baths, corner baths and paradigm baths.

Kaldewei bathroom baths: Specialising in baths and whirlpools, usually with steel enamel materials, Kaldewei bathroom baths are instantly eye catching.

Laufen bathroom baths: Specialising in ceramic products, Laufen bathroom baths come in a wide range of styles with state-of-the-art design in mind.

Matki bathroom baths: Effortless design is at the heart of the Matki bathroom baths, which offer timeless elegance and efficient operation. 

German bathroom specialist Ekco stocks Carron bathroom baths, Kaldewei bathroom baths, Laufen bathroom baths and Matki bathroom baths. So if you want to bring one of these amazing designs to your bathroom in Edinburgh, Glasgow or across Scotland, then check out what’s available now.