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Bathroom vanity units buyers' guide

If you want premium bathrooms that look as good as possible then chances are you’ll be interested in bathroom vanity units – which are a favourite among bathroom designers as they can keep those unsightly systems away from the eye. That’s why German bathroom specialist Ekco has put together its bathroom vanity units buyers’ guide so you know exactly what to look for.

What are bathroom vanity units?

By its nature, bathroom furniture is designed to be practical – however, if you don’t want to compromise style then you’ll consider bathroom vanity units as part of your bathroom’s make-up. That’s because bathroom vanity units are designed to hide the less than stellar looks of bathroom plumbing behind modern looking cabinets and units.

The beauty of bathroom vanity units is that they’re not all about good looks and keeping things hidden. On the contrary, they can also provide excellent additional storage space and help you make the most of areas that would otherwise go unused, freeing up space elsewhere in the bathroom.

So what types of bathroom vanity units are available?

Among the bathroom vanity units you can choose from are:

Basin bathroom vanity units: Will keep that under-the-sink plumbing hidden away with sleek, modern bathroom cabinet designs.

Combination bathroom vanity units: One of the smartest pieces of design available in the bathroom, a combination bathroom vanity unit keeps both the plumbing of the basin and the toilet out of sight while providing additional storage space.

Toilet bathroom vanity units: With toilet vanity units you’ll benefit from a fitted look that will make the toilet area look both uniform and compact.

Worktop systems: Sometimes included in bathroom vanity unit ranges, worktop systems provide a low-profile surface alongside countertop basins and have become a feature of modern bathrooms.

Bathroom vanity units for quality bathrooms are now available in Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland courtesy of German bathroom specialist Ekco. Check out its listings to see what’s available now.