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Basins Buyers Guide

Bathroom designers who want to introduce their clients to quality bathrooms with a contemporary vibe will be quick to tell you about the merits of back-to-wall basin units. That’s why German bathroom specialist Ekco has put together its basins back-to-wall unit buyers’ guide.

What are back-to-wall basins?

The most traditional form of basin is the pedestal basin, which offers a neat way of concealing all those unsightly pipes while offering one or two tap holes. However, recently, in search of more contemporary designs, bathroom designers have started to offer back-to-wall basins as an alternative.

Back-to-wall basins, sometimes known as the wall hung basin, are designed to offer the same advantages of a pedestal basin while taking up a smaller space. They are ideal for compact bathrooms but because of the popularity of the design, they are also available in larger spaces for those with more space.

Typically, back-to-wall basins are available with one or two tap holes and have the advantage of creating additional floor space. They are also considered more hygienic as you don’t have the difficulty of trying to clean behind a pedestal.

Which companies offer back-to-wall basins?

There are several companies offering back-to-wall basins including:

Ambience Bain back-to-wall units: The range of Ambience Bain back-to-wall units are designed as part of luxurious bathroom suites.

Keuco back-to-wall units: High-tech perfection is the order of the day with the Keuco back-to-wall units that take German bathroom design to a new level.

Montrose back-to-wall units: Montrose is a specialist in offering space-saving bathroom furniture in a range of styles and colours and its Montrose back-to-wall units are no exception.

If you’re interested in a back-to-wall basin for your home check out what’s available at Ekco, the German bathroom specialist, which offers premium bathrooms throughout Edinburgh, Glasgow and across Scotland including: Ambience Bain back-to-wall units, Montrose back-to-wall units and Keuco back-to-wall units.